It is a therapeutic approach that uses different experiential techniques to heal and strengthen the balance, self-regulation, self-support and the ability to raise awareness and responsibility of the individual. It is common that we are facing the struggle between our own impulses / desires and influences the environment in which we live. Therefore, the goal is to provide the tools for people to find other ways to see itself, so you can see your surroundings with different light, so you have the flexibility to take one / few different positions that was accustomed. So, you increase your ability to manage their own lives with greater confidence and responsibility to resolve their past, present and future conflicts.

During therapy sessions can remove the emotions at the time they were unable to express themselves and they now have a way out: the safe and reliable therapeutic environment. Work well begun is important to bear fruit in the awareness and releasing blocked energy. Therefore, Bach flower essences, California and some Mediterranean, are a great support tool in this process, helping them cope and overcome mental and emotional states of balance arising from the situations listed below

  • If you feel an inner call to take charge of your life and grow as a person.
  • If you drag conflicts from the past that did not manage to solve or do not know how you are affected by this.
  • Your relationships with loved ones: family, parents, friends, colleagues, do not flow, and you wonder why you wanted improve.
  • Complexes, insecurities and fears You determine when to have a relationship with others and with yourself.
  • You feel lost in circumstances that have forced you away from your true will and genuine needs.
  • Do not know what to do with your emotions, how to give them adequate space, how welcome you.
  • You conflicts with your body or parts of it.
  • In your life there is something wrong and do not know how to solve it by yourself.

Accompanied by listening, and propose and dynamic exercises that help to increase the level of awareness, self-support, self-knowledge and the balance of the person. Facilitated at all times sincere expression to develop its authenticity. After the session I make a specific formula of flower essences to have it take a planned and orderly until the next visit.

Flower Therapy of Dr. Bach is a natural treatment made up 38 flower essences. It is a holistic energy therapy (vibrational), which helps restore health by harmonizing the dysfunctions in the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual fields of all living beings (children, adults, animals, plants).

This therapy is a tool for personal and spiritual growth. It opens the way to enhance or awaken our emotional intelligence. It helps us to be more aware of the flaws of our personality.

For Dr. Bach, allopathic disease is generated due to disconnection or conflict between the desires of the personality and the dictates of the soul. This is gradually leading to mental and emotional states of harmony, which ultimately manifest in the physical body as symptoms and signs, to later go on to become a pathology. The disease was first generated in the mental and emotional spheres.

For Dr. Bach, the mind is the most sensitive part of our personality, and where previously shown signs of disharmony. Personal interview as main source of information for prescribing essences is used, the method is oral intake.

  • Anxiety, anguish
  • Fears, panic
  • Lack of interest, discouragement
  • Uncertainty
  • Loneliness
  • sensitivity to external influences
  • Excessive concern for others

For Dr. Bach, the mind is the most sensitive part of our personality, and where previously shown signs of disharmony. Personal interview as main source of information for prescribing essences is used, the method is oral intake.

Are there any contraindications or side effects?

Since it is not about drugs, the flowers can be taken by all, including infants, pregnant women, the elderly, etc. No side effects and no possibility of overdose. They are compatible with any other treatment that follow alongside, whether allopathic and / or natural.

Should we be sick to make the essences?

Not necessarily. All people have negative attitudes and feelings that generate harmful energy, both for ourselves and for those around us. The flowers help us to correct these aspects that, if they persist, could later generate pathologies. At any moment of our life we can decide to do something to polish those flaws of our personality, and flower therapy is a good and effective tool for personal and spiritual growth.

Who was Dr. Bach?

Edward Bach was an English doctor (1886-1936) who excelled in research in the field of bacteriology and homeopathy. Guided by his love and respect for nature and all living beings, he developed a natural therapy, easy to apply and highly effective. In 1930 he left his thriving consulting and moved to Wales where, following his fine intuition he became his own laboratory, engaging in a search that culminated in the discovery and systematization of the 38 flower essences that make up the system.

To facilitate our work with these wonderful essences, there is a classification or grouping of seven major human afflictions:

1. Fear (5):

Rock Rose (Rockrose) Mimulus (Mimulus) Cherry Plum (Cherry Plum) Aspen (Aspen) Red Chestnut (Chestnut Red)

2. Uncertainty (6):

Cerato (Cerato) Scleranthus Gentian (Gentian) Gorse (Gorse) Hornbeam (Hornbeam) Wild Oat (Wild Oats)

3. Lack of interest in the present (7):

Cerato (Cerato) Clematis (Clematis) Honeysuckle (Honeysuckle) Wild Rose (Wild Rose) Olive (Olive) White Chestnut (Chestnut) Mustard (Mustard) Chestnut Bud (Bud Chestnut)

4. Loneliness (3):

Water Violet (Violet Water) Impatiens (Impatiens) Heather (Brecina)

5. Susceptible to outside influences (4):

Agrimony (Agrimonia) Centaury (Centaura) Walnut (Walnut) Holly (Holly)

6. Discouragement (8):

Larch (larch) Pine (Pino) Elm (Elm) Oak (Oak) Sweet Chestnut (Brown sweet) Star of Bethlehem (Star of Bethlehem) Willow (Willow) Crab Apple (Crab Apple)

7. Excessive concern for the good of others (5):

Chicory (chicory) Vervain (Verbena) Vine (Vine) Beech (Beech) Rock Water (Agua de Roca)


This other group also is useful to us if we have a clear range of essences best suited to protection work, detachment, and the most restoring energy.

1. Providing energy:

Olive (Olive) Clematis (Clematis) Centaury (Centaura)

2. The granting protection psychic and energy from external influences:

Centaury (Centaura) Walnut (Walnut) Centaury (Centaura) Aspen (Aspen) Red Chestnut (Red Brown) Star of Bethlehem (Star of Bethlehem)

3. Favoring the detachmen:

Chicory (chicory) Red Chestnut (Red Brown) Honeysuckle (Honeysuckle) Centaury (Centaura)


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