Massage Therapies

Did you know that the ATM is key to the release of tension in 90% of the body? This technique is indicated in bruxism, waking tired jaw, clicking sounds, trauma, cervical pain / shoulder / back pain after dental visit.

TMJ, temporomandibular joint, one of the most important body receives large loads of stress and strain every day, also keeping memories of trauma and emotional stress of the past. All this can be released through this simple and painless relaxation technique.

Treatment consists of 2 sessions, with a space of 7 days between each, may be repeated every 3 weeks.

10% DISCOUNT on the first treatment.

It is a technique using maneuvers such as kneading, friction, pressure, percussion, vibration, stretching and joint mobilization, both to treat and prevent ailments or ailments such as to eliminate the stress and strains of the day day. 

As a massage therapist, my goal and purpose is to care-prevention, treatment and health promotion.


  • alleviates or eliminates muscle tension due to poor posture, lack of tone
  • favors the microcirculation, increasing blood flow
  • relieves pain by releasing endorphins
  • relax
  • regulates the sense of energy, mood and psyche
  • promotes sleep
  • Active likewise the ability to heal itself
  • improves joint function
  • favors the peristaltic movements of the colon
  • increased fluid drainage (lymph and blood)

In the Hindu tradition, massage is an important system that keeps the mind-body balance. Pranic techniques are highly valued within the science of Ayurveda, and in this particular broadcast in Spain by Vivek Shri Center Barcelona, working to balance the vital energy or prana, unblocking channels , cleaning the chackras and facilitating blood circulation.

Massage techniques are used circular kneading, acupressure and friction to relax the nervous system, promoting a quick and effective relaxation of body and mind which helps the recovery of physical and mental health.

By allowing this massage the most effective circulation of prana , got a stimulation of the immune system, balance the digestive fire, which is the most important pillar of health, and generate more defenses, reversing in greater resistance to diseases and stress. Increasing our vital energy or Pranic , through this massage applied regularly, we balance our bodies and our minds, winning rejuvenation, health and happiness.

This Ayurvedic massage personalize your application with aromas, oils, temperature and intensity based on the principle of the three constitutional types or doshas.

It is a very effective therapeutic method that involves stimulating certain points on the handset, similar to acupuncture ward, because the whole body is represented on it reflexively, as in the foot or hand. You can treat many diseases, pains and functional problems being effective in stress, anxiety, restlessness, insomnia, sadness, fear, neuralgia, allergies, headaches, column, menstrual problems, digestive problems, hypertension, obesity, smoking.

Such as acupuncture needles, needles and balls semipermantes acupressure are used.

The latter are worn for about 7-10 days until the next visit. The frequency of treatments depends on the condition and response of the individual. In an acute process, they can be up to three times a week, one chronic once a week; between 6 and 12 sessions suffice to solve a painful problem.


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